Self-Confidence Is The KEY

How to develop and boost your self-confidence   One must have self-confidence. Some people will say: I do not need confidence, I’ll crawl through this life, forget about my dreams and ideas and one day it will all be over. Are you this kind of person? I sure hope not because you are missing the whole point of […]

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Overcoming Procrastination

What is actually procrastination? Is it some sort of disease that you have to be cured of? Not, of course, it’s just you not wanting to do something or thinking you are not as good as you should be so you hide behind procrastination. Let’s see what are the causes and remedies in this case […]

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Live in the NOW!

Some people are caught up wasting their time reminiscing on the sorrows of the past and the non-existent worries of their future because they are trapped in this illusion of time, which gives them a false sense of comfort and security. The “NOW” is a state of existence where your body, mind, and soul are […]

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