March 21

Clone of Clone of Self-Confidence Is The KEY


How to develop and boost your self-confidence


One must have self-confidence. Some people will say: I do not need confidence, I’ll crawl through this life, forget about my dreams and ideas and one day it will all be over. Are you this kind of person? I sure hope not because you are missing the whole point of this gift called life. It can be so great once you develop self-confidence which will enable you to accomplish your goals. 


Okay, now you want to develop self-confidence and feel all the great benefits of being free, happy and self-confident? I can help you with some tips, but self-discipline is something you must nurture if you want to develop success. Let’s get started with some encouragement!


But, before we start, I must tell you about the only difference between people who are confident in themselves and those who are not: their opinion about themselves! That is the only distinction.


  1. Do something that you believe you can not.


Stop smoking for a day, learn to park a car between two cars, tell some dominant person your opinion, go ahead and do that as long as you step outside your comfort zone you’ll always grow! Get the courage, and you will see the world opening in front of you. You must overcome obstacles and start developing that self-confidence; it’s like in fairytale-start conquering barriers, and you will live happily ever after.


  1. Do not compare with others


We are all different, and we do some things better and some worse. Unfortunately, we often get into a pattern of comparing ourselves with others, Instead of comparing, highlight your uniqueness in yourself.


  1. Change your perception


Yes, it may seem mundane and repetitive, but that’s it. You can see mistakes as bad moves in life that prove your incompetence and disturb your self-esteem. But if you change the angle, they can be a worthy experience or lesson, and you can see them as a way to prevent making the same mistakes again.


  1. Be more positive


Every time you catch yourself thinking about how you cant do something remember what your strengths are. You must be able to dominate your negative thoughts because at the end of the day the only barrier that is ultimately stopping you from attaining your goals is YOU!


  1. Do not wait, take action and keep progressing towards that worthy ideal!


Do not waste your time in vain. Do not wait until you are 40, 50, 60, 70 years old to regret because you did not have the self-confidence to live the life you want!


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