Live in the NOW!

Some people are caught up wasting their time reminiscing on the sorrows of the past and the non-existent worries of their future because they are trapped in this illusion of time, which gives them a false sense of comfort and security. The “NOW” is a state of existence where your body, mind, and soul are present all at once in the Moment – it is a state of “being-ness where you move graciously with the River of Life, accepting all situations with grace and poise. In this Moment there is no struggle or resistance. It is the only Moment you have – the single Moment that exists in all timelessness. The past and future are mere illusions of time having no significance in your present moment.

The “NOW” is your Reality, your Power and your Truth, which cuts you free from the entrapments of time. It is the hub of deep peace and opportunities, elusive in the outside world.

With every passing moment you are creating your tomorrows through your words, deeds and thoughts.   Your future is made from the foundation-stones of the “NOW.” What you do in the “NOW” is critically important in determining your joys and sorrows of tomorrows. It is what you do today that will decide the structure and condition of your future.

To live means to be consciously aware of your habits and actions in your daily life. Use your conscious-awareness to monitor your mental activities. When the mind strays into the shady haunts of the past, it trails in the sordid remnants of the bygone days, thus blocking the sunshine of the “NOW.” You need to put your mind under surveillance twenty-four, seven. Any time you catch a negative thought sneaking into your mind, you need to stop it right dead in its tracks and replace it immediately with that which makes you happy and peaceful. Your conscious-awareness acts as a sentry, preventing the intrusion of the boisterous thoughts which seek to gain unlawful entry into your being.

Your mindfulness plays an essential role in promoting greater health and well-being when applying to routine tasks like eating your food, taking a shower, brushing your teeth, preparing meals and so on. For example, you can multiply the nutrient value of your food with your thoughts and awareness while eating. Be mindful of the texture, the taste, the aroma as you chew your food. By simply intending words like health, nutrition, abundance while having your meals, you are invariably increasing the nutrient value of the food you consume. Similarly, you can spiritualise other tasks as well with appropriate thoughts and intentions of empowerment.

Furthermore, mindfulness takes the tedium out of the most monotonous of all chores like cleaning the house or weeding your garden and transforms it into a pleasant, peaceful affair. You merely need to become one with your work as if nothing else exists. Doing this will place you in a state of timelessness where you will lose all track of time, and become oblivious to exhaustion and boredom. The results are invariably soul-satisfying and worthy of your concentrated efforts.

“NOW” is where the magic takes place.

It is the only moment which promises you the joy of leading a wholesome, winsome life on Earth.

You have to live to experience the magnitude of the eternal Moment – the Moment of NOW!