Overcoming Procrastination

What is actually procrastination? Is it some sort of disease that you have to be cured of? Not, of course, it’s just you not wanting to do something or thinking you are not as good as you should be so you hide behind procrastination. Let’s see what are the causes and remedies in this case from my personal experience! 

Maybe you have too many obligations…

Nowadays, it seems like people want everything! They want a comfortable life, good education, excellent interpersonal and family relations, free time, etc. Nevertheless, the day lasts only 24 hours, of which at least 10 are spent in fulfilling basic physiological needs. People have to understand that they cannot achieve everything they have imagined. Perhaps this is the case with you. Maybe you have put too many obligations on your back, and you have come to the conclusion that it is better not to do anything when you cannot do everything. Be realistic! I finally get into my head that I cannot learn a foreign language in three months.

Maybe you secretly like that feeling of guilt…

Maybe procrastination is one of the ways you are punishing yourself or someone close to you. Your parents, partner, your boss, your children? I did this. I was punishing myself for some things in my life by procrastinating. It was just one of the “proofs” that I do not deserve good things in life. In essence, low self-esteem is the cause of all our bad decisions and behaves in everyday life. We all have to deal with it first if we want are other problems to solve.

How to be more proactive?

Proactivity and pure action are not the same. You do not have to sort your laundry today when you know you should be learning for the exam! Stop doing it; stop kidding yourself that you are doing something. That is my favourite trick: I am washing dishes when I know I should be working on my laptop.

Keep in mind the following if you want to succeed in your everyday battle with procrastination:

Start working on the most important thing

Do that right now no matter what

Concentrate on the goal

You do not have to be “well-organised” to start doing what

you know you should

Stop analysing – it won’t get you anywhere

Encourage yourself

“No pain, no gain!”